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Mission Statement

Limitless Dance Company is dedicated to bringing quality and affordable dance instruction to the Buford, Sugar Hill and Suwanee area through recreational and competitive dance. We believe there is no greater way to impact the lives of children of all ages than through music and dance. We not only strive to train students in the areas of ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, tumbling and hip-hop, but we hope to instill character, confidence and determination into our students' lives that will carry them through all stages of life.

Tabitha Davis with her Princess!
Tabitha Davis with her Princess!

It is our plan to not only instruct and reach those students ages 2-18, but to also reach the adults in the surrounding area who share the same love for music and dance.

We would like to become an asset in the community by performing and serving at local events, festivals, and gatherings so that Limitless Dance Company and its students and parents portray and hold a positive role in our community.

From there, we hope to demonstrate and spread the word that dance is a fun and exciting way to build friendships and a "family" that reaches and unites all backgrounds, cultures, and lives.

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